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EDuke32 + DNF + Attrition + Hi-ResPack Thought I’d compile eduke32(git) with clang and package it with the Hi-Res pack and a couple of mods. (Linux 64-bit) Seems to glitch(freezes for a few moments) every now and then, not sure … Continue reading

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Sony Ericsson Xperia E C1504 Root Need root for an Xperia E C1504 ? Try this link, it worked for me! (Used the ‘Gandalf’ exploit.)

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OpenCMA Want to transfer some media to that damned vita, but don’t feel like booting into a supported OS to run sony’s CMA ? Give OpenCMA a go! Or if you feel like reinventing the wheel, hack up your own … Continue reading

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Tomahawk This application is great! You can setup a station to play music to set parameters continuously, and because it can connect to soundcloud it’s a long list!This is great for when I am busy doing other things because I … Continue reading

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Wireshark permissions

Finally found some instructions that actually work. I needed to run wireshark as non-root! If you compile from SVN you may need to change “/usr/bin/” to “/usr/local/bin”( or to whereever it is that the wireshark executable is located “whereis … Continue reading

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Code Composer Studio(A Heads Up)

I’ve just started a micro-controller course, we’re using the MSP430 Launchpad. Luckily enough there is a Linux version of the class software we are using, although it was a pain in the ass to download it because of some ridiculous … Continue reading

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Update – WinRadio 1550e

Just a quick update, it seems that WINE(WINE Is Not an Emulator) a Windows compatibility layer for Linux, can run the software that was prepackaged with the WinRadio! Although now I need to configure it to accept the USB connection … Continue reading

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