Steam on Linux(Ubuntu12.10)


Well, today I installed SFL(Steam for Linux). And it has been really good, apart from troubles downloading an update(possibly server related). I really like the steam desktop environment, it definitely has potential. I would like to see skype added to it!

I’d like to see gaming cafe’s running SFL & SL(Steam Login), just walk up slot in $$ and play your games and chat with friends!

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WinRadio 1550e

I was given this radio, however it now turns out it’s a useless metal brick. The software I found on WR website was written for MS-Windows 16-bit architecture, my OS is 64-bit and has no 16-bit support. I have tried customer support, however they basically told me to fork over $862.44 for a WR-G305e.

“Hello Karl,

Unfortunately, the WR-1500e receiver was introduced on the market in the era of Windows 3.1, and
discontinued long before the arrival of 64-bit operating systems. The last supported OS was Windows XP 32.

We would suggest that you please consider our more advanced products that provide you not only with 64-bit
capability, but far more advanced features and functionality, such as the popular G305e model:

Thank you for your interest in our products and we look forward to be of service to you again soon.

Best regards,



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> Name:          Karl Lensson
> Country:       Australia
> Organization:  Student
> Email address:
> Subject: Software
> I have 1500series WiNRADiO, however the software included was written for a 32-bit system, and will not run on my 64-bit machine(Windows 7).
> Could I get a digital copy of a 64-bit version, download would be best.
> My radio .
> Karl L.”


Being a student I don’t have that kind of money, if all fails then maybe I will save up.

So, if anyone out there in the WWW or other internet like place, has a workaround to get a WR-1550e working with Windows 7 I’d like to hear about it!

As for linux I found something called Linradio, however I have had no luck getting it to compile on Ubuntu 12.04!(Had to modify #include<asm/io.h> to be #include<sys/io.h>, However it still failed to compile).!Receivers

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Got my rtl8188CUS working via these instructions!

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